A Review on Elevator History

By definition, AN elevator may be a platform or an enclosure raised and down during a vertical shaft to move folks and freight. The shaft contains the operational instrumentality, motor, cables, and accessories. No need to say that it requires سرویس آسانسور .

Primitive elevators were in use as early because the third century before Christ and were operated by human, animal, or water wheel power. In 1743, a counter-weighted, man-powered personal elevator was engineered for King King of France, connecting his housing in Versailles thereupon of his mistress, madam American state Chateauroux, whose quarters were one floor on top of King Joseph Louis Barrow.

19th Century Elevators

From regarding the center of the nineteenth century, elevators were high-powered, typically steam-operated and were used for transporting materials in factories, mines, and warehouses.

In 1823, 2 architects named Burton ANd Homer engineered an “ascending area,” as they known as it. This crude elevator was wont to elevate paying tourists to a platform for a bird’s eye view of London. In 1835, architects Frost and Stuart engineered the “Teagle,” a belt-driven, counter-weighted and steam-driven elevate was developed in England.

Hydraulic Crane
In 1846, Sir William Armstrong introduced the hydraulic crane and by the first decennary, hydraulic machines began to exchange the powered elevator. The hydraulic elevator is supported by an important piston, taking possession a cylinder and is operated by the water (or oil) pressure made by pumps.

Elisha Otis

In 1853, yank artificer Elisha Otis incontestible a elevator equipped with a security device to stop falling just in case a supporting cable poor. This inflated public confidence in such devices. In 1853, Otis established a corporation for producing elevators and proprietary a steam elevator. whereas Otis didn’t really invent the primary elevator, he did invent the brake employed in trendy elevators and his brakes created skyscrapers a sensible reality.

In 1857, Otis and therefore the Otis Elevator Company began producing traveller elevators. A powered traveller elevator was put in by the Otis Brothers during a five-story sales outlet in hand by E.W. Haughtwhat& Company of Manhattan. it had been the world’s 1st public elevator.

Electric Elevators

Electric elevators came into use toward the top of the nineteenth century. the primary one was engineered by the German artificer Werner von Siemens in 1880. Black artificer, Alexander Miles proprietary an electrical elevator (U.S. pat#371,207) on October eleven, 1887.

Elisha Otis was born on August three, 1811, in Halifax, Vermont. he’s the youngest of six kids. At the age of twenty, Otis emotional to Troy, big apple and worked as a wagon driver. In 1834, he married Susan A. Houghton and had 2 sons along with her. sadly, his married woman died, going away Otis a young adult male with 2 babies.

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Begins Inventing
In 1845, Otis emotional to Albany, big apple when marrying his second married woman, Elizabeth A. Boyd. Otis found employment as a master mechanic for Otis Tingley& Company creating bedsteads. it had been here that Otis 1st began inventing. Among his 1st inventions were a railway safety brake, rail turners for dashing the creating of rails for bed beds and therefore the improved rotary engine wheel.

Elevator Brakes

In 1852, Otis emotional to Yonkers, big apple to figure for the bedframe firm of Maize & Burns. it had been the owner of the corporate, Josiah Maize, that galvanized Otis to start out coming up with elevators. Maize required a brand newhoisting device to elevate serious instrumentality to the higher floor of his industrial plant.

Public Demonstration

For Josiah Maize, Otis fancied one thing he known as AN “Improvement in Hoisting equipment Elevator Brake” and incontestible his new invention to the general public at the Crystal Palace Exposition in big apple in 1854.

During the demonstration, Otis hoisted the car to the highest of the building then deliberately cut the elevator hoisting cables. However, rather than blinking, the car was stopped owing to the brakes that Otis had fancied.

Otis died of contagious disease on Gregorian calendar month eighth, 1861 in Yonkers, New York.