How to conceive a baby boy

How much have you wondered how to conceive a baby boy? Many couples have had the same problem and not just yourself. It is perfect to appreciate and love whichever gender God gives to you and love them unconditionally as their parents. For a stable home, it is also good to have both genders a boy and a girl in the family. This will be a happy family.

You must be interested in finding out the means that are known to have blocked your favor to get a beautiful baby of your desired sex.

It is not scientifically proven, but it is worth trying sex positions which can influence the sex of your baby. While it is not sure to have a boy or a girl it is an idea that can work and has worked for many couples. Above all the result will be a healthy baby. It is, therefore, important to bear that in mind while reading this advice on conception article.

  1. Sex Position

From scientific research, it is believed deep penetration will give you a baby boy. As a matter of fact,  with less distance to travel, the boy sperm will swim faster than the girl sperm to find the egg. Therefore, to improve your chances of conceiving a boy you should apply sex positions which allow deep sex penetration.

  1. Cycle Timing

You should have intercourse close to ovulation as soon as possible. If you have sex with your partner several days before ovulation, then the boy sperms will die off leaving the longer surviving girl sperm to fertilize the egg.

  1. Female Orgasm

Female orgasm plays a vital role in the conception of a boy child. Female orgasm leads to secretion of an alkaline fluid released into the vagina which facilitates the survival of the boy sperm. It will hence lead to fertilization which can lead to a baby boy.

Besides accepting Gods blessings for either boy or a girl, it is perfect to have a family consisting of a boy and a girl as the desire of many. The above ideas are worth trying, getting a baby boy is 99% guaranteed. Feel free to check out for further insights regarding the same.