How to Dispute a Car Insurance

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The biggest headache for any insured motor vehicle driver is when the insurance company attached to them refuses to pay a claim or even when it decides to pay a lower amount than you had expected. This can be solved by disputing the claim which can be performed through the following process.

The first step is to understand the type of dispute. This can be different depending on the situation that you are in. You then have to do a little research to understand where you are legally before you go ต่อประกันรถยนต์ service provider.. With the current technology, you can get important information about the laws that are active in your country through a website.

The next step is hiring an independent appraiser rather than the one that your insurance company works with. This will ensure that they are not working towards achieving the same goals as the insurance company.

The appraiser will evaluate the car and then send a report to both you and the insurance company. A mediator then steps in to review the report handed in by the appraiser and advise appropriately where they can. Their work is unofficial and what they say might not always be put into action, rather it is just considered. This is aimed at getting an easier and smoother solution to the whole situation.

If the two parties are still not agreeing then an arbitrator steps in, who acts as a more official party than the former. Their decision is final and either party has to abide by it. this is the part where witnesses will be called forward and any relevant evidence will have to be produced.

The whole process can at times be costly since you will have to incur expenses on hiring a mediator and an arbitrator. A lawyer might also be needed if the insurance company fails to oblige to the ruling by the arbitrator. When you go to court you file a “bad faith” claim against the insurance provider. Since they have not been loyal when you need them to.