Powerful Use of Treasures in Astrology

Let’s focus on ruby and all shades of sapphire. The species of those gems is exactly the same and the homes are identical, but the difference is in color. They’re optically, actually and chemically similar otherwise. All rubies and sapphires are “corundum “.If corundum occurs in a red color then it is called a ruby and it’ll transfer the red cosmic jimmy of the Sun.

Using ruby to strengthen the Sun’s strength as recognized through the horoscope is extremely effective. If corundum happens in ANY other color it is known as a sapphire. If yellow sapphire it will transfer the blue cosmic lewis, which will be that emitted by the world Jupiter. If blue sapphire it will send the violet cosmic jimmy, that is that produced by the world Saturn. If white sapphire it will produce exactly the same cosmic color as stone, the indigo jimmy, and here is the cosmic color produced by the planet Venus.Image result for archero hack

It must be observed that NOT all ruby and sapphire is what we call “jewel quality”, which can be definitely necessary for the gems to own benefic and therapeutic results on the wearer. Certain requirements for a ruby are that the jewel is normal (meaning from the archero cheats earth and perhaps not synthetic) and if handled at all may ONLY have already been exposed as to the is known as by jewel labs “normal heat therapy “.As ruby is for the source of planetary mild and temperature it can take that decrease temperature and reduced form of heat without damage. The quality ought to be exceedingly distinct with almost no inclusions observed within the gem.

It should be noted that NO sapphires of any color must have now been put through any type of heat treatment as their efficiency becomes completely ruined in the process. The understanding should be “attention clean”, meaning little to be seen within the gemstone but little items of “silk”, or rutile, and shade saturation can establish how efficient the gem can be.

The greater the saturation and level of shade the better the jewel, but NOTE, if the saturation becomes too much it will influence the quality and therefore begin to lessen both capability and value. The treasure should be considered a great crystal or “glass-like” and you should quickly see engrossed, or even simply with the naked eye certainly below magnification.

The problem that now ensues nowadays is that newer operations of temperature therapy have already been found and perfected that produce a better seeking final product. Today’s temperature remedies are nearly 100% diffusion heat treatments for not just ruby, but all sapphires as well. This is achieved by covering the jewel crystal with a melted crystalline material that will “calm” the required color deep into the gemstone. This makes a inferior fairly beaten up shade become heavy and vivid when finished. As iron oxide is what’s in ruby that creates the red colorization, the first diffusion therapies lined the jewel with metal oxide and then under enormous temperatures it “burnt” the greater red colorization in to the ruby.